Car/race car camera multiple camera access

Just picked up a Wyze Cam and a Pan. The performance looks good for the money.

Considering if it would be feasible to use 4-5 cameras for video collection on my autocross car.

Would like to have one camera behind driver, one camera in the grill area of the car, one in the foot-well and reward facing.

The systems that are sold for this are $1500 plus , I’ve done 2 Gopros and edited the video together for previous projects.


Could I put a Wifi router in the car to have the cameras connect to and allow and start stop through the app?? Video streams to a drive or have to pull the cards from each one at the end of the day.






The wifi router needs internet connection in order for you to use Wyze app to veiw the cameras. The Wyze app have to access servers to get UID of the cams. However, the cams can keep recording on SD, continuous or event only, without wifi or internet connection. The cams just need 5V power to record, it is like dash cam without the screen.

I think you would be far better off planning on pulling the cards at the end of the race. Set up the cameras to record continuously and they will start recording very shortly after they get power.


And just to be clear, doing it this way, you don’t need the router at all. But if you want, you can let the cameras connect to wifi when back home and record the video from the playback without removing the cameras. Only problem is, this recording process is real-time, so it would take longer than transferring files from the cards.

And if generating 5V power is a problem, you could use any standard USB power bank:


Thanks everyone for the info and suggestions. I’ll try them out and see how it works. 4 or 5 cameras for the less than the price of a GoPro makes it worth trying. I’ll see how they handle the varied lighting conditions and such.



I doubt that you are going to get good action video from your Wyze cams. Why not get a few of the GoPro knock-off cameras from Yi or Xiaomi or other Chinese companies? Those are starting to dip into the $20-30 range and I think you’ll have much better video of your runs…