Gimpy and Friend

Gimpy checking out my new driveway with a friend. I think the skip at the start of the video is because I recorded it from playback. We all know that the cam plus to iOS video download quality is terrible. This one is much sharper.


Always interesting to see some of the visitors that show up. I wonder what happened to his leg.
I see you have the driveway blocked off. Is that a brand new concrete pour? If so, Iā€™m glad it was set up enough so as to not have permanent footprints!

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Yes the driveway was poured 6 days ago. You can see the old one had some large cracks in it. I have had raccoons visiting for more that 35 years, They come out of the storm drain entry across the street 98% of the time. The storm drain must be their freeway.


Nice looking GTO.


My Sunday car but now I have until the concrete is all cured before I can take it out of the garage again.