Getting ready to install and hook up my Wyze Thermostat

I’m getting ready to install and wire up my new Wyze Thermostat. I have new home in CA and thus a new thermostat. In previewing the wiring, I have a pretty simple 5 wire system (A/C and gas furnace) with a jumper from the Rh to the Rc terminal. I ran through the Wyze setup all the way to the pairing part, since I haven’t actually installed it yet. But if I understand correctly, I will only be connecting to the Rc terminal and eliminating the jumper per what the Wyze app is telling me? I’ve included a picture of my current thermostat wiring for reference…

That sounds about right, it definitely should work fine with your setup

My understanding is that it has an internal Rc to Rh jumper. No need for the exiting approach.

Thank you to both that replied. Got the thermostat installed and all wired up per the app and it works exactly as it should with no jumper wire necessary between Rh and Rc! :+1:

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