Getting malwarebytes "trojan blocked" messages right after activating new cam-v4 using bluestacks to view

Hello all,
This is more a curiosity thing, I know it’s probably not really something to be worried about.

I’ve sometimes been using bluestacks to view my WYZE cams on the home computer. Since August of last year I’ve been doing this with five cam-v3’s with no noteworthy issues. I do not have a paid plan with WYZE, just the cam-lite zero dollar plan so I can’t use WYZE themselves to stream live.

Yesterday, I added an additional cam-v4 to the group and everything went super easy, activation was a breeze and it started working fine.

The only peculiar thing that started happening is that ever since the cam-v4 went active I sometimes get a pop-up from my malwarebytes software saying “trojan blocked” and cites a bluestacks filename with the message.

This never happened once ever since August of last year when I only had the five cam-v3’s. It only started right after I added the one cam-v4 to the group yesterday. And after these pop-up warnings occur, the cameras continue to live stream fine thru bluestacks like nothing happened. Whatever malwarebytes is allegedly blocking is having no impact on the regular operation of seeing all the live cams thru bluestacks.

I doubt something nefarious is going on so I’m not too concerned about it. I was just curious if anyone here in the group might have any insight as to the reason why this would be happening and what is different with the cam-v4 versus the cam-v3 that provoked this to begin happening.

It’s not a totally repeatable thing either. I was trying to see if I could track what I was doing or what the WYZE app on bluestacks was doing when the warning pops up and I haven’t been able to narrow it down to a certain event. When I first cue up the cams, sometimes the message will pop up but other times it won’t. When I click on a particular camera and then exit back out to the group view, sometimes it will pop up, other times it won’t. So I can’t just replicate it at-will by always doing a certain thing.

Anyone have any wisdom to share on why this might be happening?

Here is one of the malwarebytes log files for the latest warning pop-up it just gave me, and a list of all the pop-ups I’ve gotten on it since activating it yesterday:

I can tell you that Bluestacks has been known to cause false positives in antivirus software for some of it’s files due to its virtualization nature, particularly seems to happen when it’s used with camera streams.

You are not the first to report this from malwarebytes or other AVS’s. It’s not Wyze specific either.


Yes, I also heard and read online that there can be false alerts in these cases as well. Bluestacks has been pretty good to me. I tried using Nox Player before Bluestacks and malwarebytes really went berserk all the time with it, to the point where it became so annoying that I ended up abandoning and uninstalling it, went to Bluestacks and the issue for the most part went away until yesterday.

I just found it curious that since August last year I used Bluestacks to view the cameras with no issues at all and yesterday when I added an additional camera is when it all started, with the only difference being that the new addition was a cam-v4 where the five prior that Bluestacks never alerted on were all cam-v3’s. The cam-v4 must do something different from the cam-v3’s that for some reason makes malwarebytes take note and pop that “trojan removed” message up like it does, I just have no idea what that might be and was hoping someone else might know or heard something about it.

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Yeah, that is interesting. I assume it’s partial coincidence. You could potentially test it though…not saying you should do this, but it is a way to test it:

Create a secondary account. Share all your devices to the second account except the V4.
Uninstall Bluestacks
Reinstall Bluestacks
Install the Wyze App
Login only with the secondary account that has never had the V4 on it. See if everything is fine or getting alerts.

If it gets alerts still then installing the V4 was probably just a coincidence and it might have been related to something in Bluestacks or the AVP that happened around the same time.
But if it doesn’t happen, then after a while, switch to the other account that has the V4 and see if it now suddenly starts giving alerts again. If it does, then we have some strong indication that it involves the V4 somehow because that is the second time the alerts started coming in only when a V4 was in use and not for anything else.

At least that is how I would test it if I was extra suspicious. :slight_smile: