Geofence without ifttt

Is there a way to geofence without using ifttt. I have reached the limits for the free version doing other things.

Welcome to the Forum Community, @renegade600. If you have Alexa and enable the Wyze Skill you can use the Location trigger within an Alexa routine to geofence.
Also lots of other things like timers, delays, voice commands, and more, depending on what Alexa device you have.

should have mentioned it was wyze cams and they are not supported by alexa routines. as far as the other possibilities you mentioned, they defeat the purpose of geofencing. I want something that happens automatically when leaving the area.

You are right - cams do have limited support. I use Alexa to trigger my routines when my phone leaves my city limits. One routine turns on a plug which one of my cams is plugged into to activate the cam.