General Qs abt Sun Match, Schedules, etc

Is it true that if I set my lights to sun match (newest version of bulb-white) that they will always stay on and follow the sun’s shade and brightness level?

Is it true that I cannot have a schedule set (wake/sleep) while also enabling Sun Match?

I would like for these lights to turn on at a certain time, only get to a 70% brightness level, match the sun coloring, and turn off at a certain time.

However, I set a schedule (wake/sleep) & a cap on brightness. I then activate Sun Match and it deletes the schedule. I can’t do both?

It also seems to me that if Sun Match is on, when there is no sun, they should go off?

What am I not getting? TYIA :heart:

I use Sun Match on my White Bulbs. These bulbs are on a schedule to go on when Sunset hits and goes off at 11:00 pm. So you can set a schedule, I do.

If the lights are on, they will adjust based on time of day and match the sun as best as it can.

Once you start adjusting the brightness, the Sun Match may turn off, not sure about this, so will need to test.

Mine never go off when there is no sun, my schedule turns the lights off.


Thank you for your reply.

With Sun Match on: if I mess with the color- it turns off Sun Match. That I get.
I’ll need to experiment with only adjusting the brightness level, as now my brain cannot picture if this will also negate Sun Match mode.

However, I have set a wake/sleep schedule and then activated Sun Match and it turned off the schedule for me. It was as if I hadn’t just toggled with those settings at all. :thinking: