General enquiry

Hi all , first post probably in the wrong section

Do I need to buy cam V2 to add sensors or can I add sensors to the outdoor cam hub or is that just for connecting the outdoor cams ?

Just seems odd not being able to add your sensors to that , just means buying more gear to add sensors when I really don’t want to


The current line of sensors does require a bridge, which must be inserted into aV2 or Pan Cam. The Base for the outdoor cam generates its own signals just for the WOC-it does not connect to the Sensor line.
Wyze is however releasing a new sensor line with the upcoming Home Monitoring system. I would suggest waiting until that is released to see how it all integrates.

Thanks for the reply I’m just looking at solutions for smart things around the house to help my wife out who is disabled, anything I can put in place to help is a bonus