Add bridge functionality to WCO base station

I think it would be convenient to add a bridge functionality to the outdoor cam base station. It seems to have more range, and I think would make it so you only have to manage one bridge instead of multiple for the motion sensor and sensor products. I find myseld constabtly having to reset these bridges lately and think adding this function to the outdoor cam could be beneficial. For multiple other reasons.

Allow sensors to connect to WOC (Wyze Outdoor Camera) base station. This would help to increase the range of my environment.

So I am using my wyze indoor camera as my webcam which means that my sensors are useless now. But here is the thing. I also have the outdoor camera and thus I have the hub. That hub has a usb slot. So it is possible for the bridge to work with it. It would just need a firmware update.

This would be a really useful and great feature. This way you do not need an indoor camera for sensors the sensors would also work w/ the outdoor camera.