Garbage Trucks

Hi Everyone. Has anyone experienced not having any video or record of the garbage trucks never? My camera detects vehicles, persons, pets, movements, noise, etc even all kind of trucks but the Garbage trucks none of them either for the recycled recipients

I have a Cam Pan V3 looking out the window and it did detect the white garbage truck going by twice (both directions) this morning, even with snow covered background.

It did miss the mail truck once, and I suspect it was because it was rather sunny that day (for New England) and everything was a bit too bright.

Are you using the Outdoor Cam? Those may have more issues with detection due to battery saving considerations.

I have regular v3 cameras looking through double pane windows. Even with a little rain on the window it seems to reliably record all motion. One time my garbage service emptied my can and drove away with the can. I emailed the video and they gave me a new free garbage can. So I know the importance of having garbage trucks trigger recording.

My recycling truck came by later this morning and it looks pretty much like that. Again the Pan Cam V3 caught it coming from both directions. The truck looks less than half the size as this, as my camera is further from the road.

WCO version one cam 55 feet from the garbage truck. Face of the camera is pointing in the direction of the red line toward the SUV next door.

Thanks for your replies !!! So strange my camera is the only thing is not detecting. No sense. Will contact support then. Thanks

If you have continuous SD card recording, you can send the video clip that should have been detected to Support.