Garage door physical lock sensing for plug trigger

I would like to use Wyze products to improve the security of my garage door and am hoping someone has tried something similar.

Idea is to leverage the physical security lock that slides horizontally into a slot in the door track when the door is closed, and to add a Wyze plug to the door opener that would disable the opener motor if the physical lock is engaged to prevent damage to the opening mechanism. I want to sense the engagement of the physical lock with a contact sensor but it seems like the Wyze sensor product is now only offered with a sensor hub package etc and I do not want that whole rigmarole.

Additionally, I want to use a contact sensor on both sides of the door track so I need some form of or/and logic for when to trigger the plug. Is that possible?

For the contact sensor itself, are there other products that pair well with Wyze for this through iffft? It could be battery operated (if mounted to the door) or hard wired if I can mount to the wall next to the door.

Would love community input!

Don’t use wyze for this, is the answer to your question. Avoid my mistake of buying:

  • V3 camera
  • Garage door controller
  • 2 Onvis Contact sensors
  • hours of work connecting all to homebridge/homekit/google assistant to use siri/google voice to actually use this allegedly “smart” device

Total spent: over $90 and hours of time

Shelly Plus 1 relay/switch: $22, hardwired, no wifi issues, works with literally anything you want it to work with

ETA: Meross has something for $35 that incorporates the sensor as well. Either way, please look through the “wish list” forum on the garage controller, and then look through the meross / shelly reviews, and make your own informed decision. And get home assistant or homebridge, and discover a world where corporate ecosystems don’t exist, especially one as bad as Wyze.

Why am I on the wyze forum page then? Great question: Tonight is my last night with Wyze garbage, and trying to save as many people from this closed-source trash as possible. Trust me, there are cheaper and higher quality alternatives for everything wyze has. That wasn’t true in 2020/1/2 – but it is very true in in 2024