Garage door controller not closing door

Hi all, I recently got a Wyze Cam v3 and the garage door controller. I checked my garage door opener’s compatibility (it passed the “short test”, LiftMaster model number 1245LM), set up all the components, and everything worked EXCEPT that it will not close the garage door. I can open the garage door via the app, but when I tell the door to close the controller beeps, flashes, the countdown finishes, and the door remains open, no movement. What am I missing here? All firmware is up to date, the fact that I can open the garage door via the app tells me I hooked up the components correctly… please help!

Do you hear a clicking when closing the door?

Try adjusting he settings in the cams settings > accessories > garage door controller.

When I tell the controller to open the garage door, I can hear the click and the door opens successfully (notably, the controller does not light up or give warning beeps). However, when I tell the controller to close the garage door, the controller lights up and gives warning beeps, but does not make the clicking noise. I played around with all the advanced settings, including trying all the trigger times between 0.5 and 2 seconds, and I still cannot get the door to close. Could I just have a malfunctioning controller?

Interesting. Try deleting it from the app and setting it back up. All I can think of

Unfortunately, this didn’t work either.

Sorry it didn’t work. Try contacting support, seems like it could be defective?

For anyone that finds/reads this in the future, an update: After going through all troubleshooting steps and working with Wyze support, they sent me out a new garage door controller that worked perfectly when I hooked it up. Looks like the original controller was just defective.

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