Garage Door Controller - Ideas for local control - E.g., Bluetooth

Yesterday my ISP took the Internet offline for a few minutes. My wife needed to get into our garage, but the Wyze garage door opener could not comply. The Internet came back online a few minutes later and she was able to get into the garage.

But a Bluetooth feature that doesn’t need Internet connectivity is badly needed in the Wyze garage door opener.

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Until this wish happens, know that you can still use your old RF remotes and the garage door’s wall button. :slight_smile:


Thank you for mentioning that. We have some other remotes, so we’re cool. The main problem is that anything that doesn’t get used all the time recedes further and further into the recesses of who knows which utility drawer.


Garage Door - Local Control

I have a Garage Door Controller connected to a Cam V3. In an effort to have some additional control over what is a physical security device on my network, I blocked internet access to the Cam at my firewall. While this was blocked I could still view the camera feed while connected to my home LAN, however the garage door controller would not function.

What would it take, to be able to use the garage door controller without internet access?