Garage door controller function when Internet down

How does the garage door controller particularly the QR code recognition work when the Internet is down? IOW Is this a cloud-based solution and what do you miss when the cloud is gone?
Thanks all

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It is at least primarily a cloud-based solution. Part of the issue is that you will not be able to control the GDC through the app without internet because that connection is reliant on the internet. Notifications are also cloud-dependent. The V3 camera itself is also cloud-dependent and the GDC is reliant on the V3 camera since it is considered an “accessory.” Additionally, the Rules engine is primarily done in the cloud. There are a few devices that can run certain local routines even when the internet is out, but I don’t see anything in the GDC that is a local setting/routine. Everything is done through the cloud-based Rules Engine.

All together it is pretty safe to say that you basically get no functionality from it if your internet goes out. It might still log when the garage door was open or closed and update that log when it finally reconnects to internet, but other than something minor like that, I am pretty confident it is basically totally cloud dependent.

Having said that, the VP of product recently said he’s trying to shift Wyze more toward a local ecosystem instead of a cloud-based ecosystem, so who knows what the future holds. For now though, it’s cloud-dependent.