Friendly Faces GUI Glitchy

I have noticed numerous ui glitches on the beta IOS app relating to friendly faces. I am not currently a cam plus subscriber but I was in the past and I think that’s where most of these bugs come from. First off, in the Account > Friendly Faces menu the page appears to be completely white other than the Friendly Faces title bar at the top and the back arrow. When I had camplus I had 1 face recognized (yes didn’t work too well but there are other threads for this). Now that camplus expired the page appears blank but if I tap where the face icon used to be it still takes me to the page. This page doesn’t show any pictures at the bottom like it should but the timeline and name and edit button are all there. The second thing is that even though I don’t have cam plus anymore I can still set the event filter to the name of that face, although 50% of the time the icon is displayed as the placeholder icon rather than the actual face. No events actually show up though so that’s why I think it’s just a ui glitch.

Also, this isn’t friendly faces but I am a subscriber to the person detection pilot/legacy program, and on the latest beta app version the menu in account settings no longer has an option for Person Detection (Legacy) as it has in the last few versions. Also the person detection filter in events works and shows person events but only after you X out of the camplus advert, every single time.

Thanks for reading, just wanted to make these issues known!

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