Blank “Friendly Faces” Page In Account Tab

In my account page, I have a friendly faces tab. It’s just below the “Services” tab, but it’s greyed out slightly. If I click on it, I’m taken to a blank page. If I click the upper left corner, a bit below the header, I’m taken to the page with dates and the name of a face. None of the images display on any of these pages, it’s just blank or the :moyai: icon.

I think this is because when I had a CP free trial, I named a face, but since that expired a cursed version was left behind. Is anyone else seeing this? I don’t have CP or CPP on any devices. This tab has been here forever like this.

Also unusual. You may want to consider this as a Fix-it Friday submittal. I think Friendly Faces is still restricted to Cam Plus Pro, so in theory you should have had that. I have not, because I had HMS at the time, and they are not compatible. So I don’t see what you see.

I had the trial a while ago, before CPP existed. I was also on beta app and firmware.

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