Free Person Detection From Wyze

@xtremehumvee84… See my edit above. thx.

So yesterday I couldn’t selectively get People-only notifications. It sent me notifications for everything. I didn’t change any of the settings overnight, and today it’s just working for some reason. I’ve done numerous tests on 3 cams, and in all cases, I’m only getting notifications when there’s a person in the frame. Seems to be doing exactly what it’s supposed to. Yay!!! Great work, Wyze Team! :crazy_face:


Hey thanks a lot for the updates. I’ve been waiting for this and love it. Have been testing from yesterday and I would like to report a bug.
When I drove home into the garage, where I have a wyze cam v2, the cam will record a motion clip triggered by the car. But then it won’t notify me nor record a person detection clip when I get out of the car and walk in the garage because of the “cool down time” after the motion clip triggered by the car. I monitored this behavior again when my roommate came back and I did not get any notification either.
If you think about it, if a cam gets triggered many times by bugs, shadows, pets and whatnot, there will be many times of cool down time where it won’t detect and notify a person detection.
I don’t know how your sw works for the cool down part, if it’s a simple logic, just add a line:
if (motion detected & not person)
Not notify & cool down timer count down;
if (person detected && cool down timer >=0)
{notify & record & reset timer;}
else //do nothing;
Lol but i could be thinking too simple…

Doesn’t RTSP require a separate firmware which probably lacks the Person detection code?

@michelle… The behavior you are seeing is what is expected at this point. The person movement is being masked by the 5-minute cool down triggered after the car movement event. If you read through this post above I think you’ll see a good explanation of why it is the way it is for the time being.


That is correct. See the note here:

Thank you, that’s what I expected would be the case. Understandable the number of features available in such a small space makes it a trade off.

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I flipped on a light , Which triggered The motion detection on the camera, But my body was immediately in View but it did not show as a person This is what I expected it To do.
It didn’t show a person because it was triggered by the pixel change from the light

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Oh! Thank you for pointing it out. I did a search in the forum but didn’t find much so wanted to type it out here. That’s awesome that they’ve identified the issue! I’ll hope and wait for updates. :slight_smile: thanks!!

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In this case, I believe it should have been tagged as a person detected. It doesn’t matter what triggered the event, as long as it was a motion (pixel) detection (not sound or sensor-triggered). If there’s a person, it should detect it. You said your body was in view. Not to be silly, but did that include your head? I would not be surprised if a body without head in view would not trigger the AI to see a person.

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Ok, I wasn’t thinking about body parts, So that might be the reason because My body was only in view from my belly button up, also I was way off to the side not Right In front of the camera, the same camera detected a person every time walking up or down the Hall

My dream for Wyze person detection:

  1. Add a trigger for event recording to only RECORD person detected events (not just notifications).

  2. Reduce the cool down period time to 1 minute to match what other more expensive competitors do when ONLY the person detected event recording trigger is selected. Since selecting ONLY the person detected feature for event recording would significantly reduce traffic on the servers, thus why not give the users a more desirable cool down period time.

These two things would make the camera and especially the person detection feature a lot more useful.

I scanned the posts to see if anyone is reporting the same issue with the feature (just too many!) So I apologize if this is already mentioned.

Overall it works well, but its maybe 80% accurate on a good day. Heres where it seems to miss:

  • People walking dogs. Even when the dog has a good lead from the individuals body.
  • Inaccurate at the corners of its view. So if someone is walking up at the far right or left it has not been very accurate.

I will say this is an awesome feature, and you guys are doing great work. Tons of value!


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So is this a premature feature? Does not alert for humans on any of my 4 cameras and I’m not really sure how much more obvious it could get.

Sorry to hear that! We have a high success rate but we don’t want you to have false negatives either. Could you please report the errors through the app feedback section? We plan to continue improving the algorithm over time. :slight_smile:

Sent the log files although this detection was saved to an SD card so I am unsure if the logs will help. Looking forward to improvements! But for now, I’ll have to turn motion alerts back on.

The clip you attached is 24 seconds long. Did that perhaps come from the SD card? If so, was there a corresponding 12 second clip in the Event list? If not, without an event clip, there can be no person detected. It is possible there would be no event clip if, for example, a non-person event triggered a clip in the prior 5 minutes and the camera was in the 5-minute timeout period.

EDIT: I see now that you posted it came from the SD card. Person detection is only performed by analyzing each 12-second cloud motion event that is triggered. I think this explains why you didn’t get a person detection in this case.


Exactly :joy:. We’re still training their AI :joy:

Ahh, well yes the UPS truck drove by a couple minutes prior which would be within the 5 minute timeframe. Seems that the 5 minute timeframe of a trigger is far too long. Maybe make it send an alert even if it is only saved to the SD or maybe even if it isn’t saved at all so that a user can know to check their cam? I’m guessing the AI scans the uploaded video rather than operates in real-time? I’m assuming the nature of outdoor cameras (event triggers often) is why none of mine alerted to humans when tested.

#Loki that is a really good point I did not think about. I have not used the SD card for event recording but instead use it for continuous recording and allow the 12 second cloud events to record which I now understand does the person detected AI process. Maybe that is why there seems to be a lot of people saying that person detection just does not work. If so they need to turn event recording to the SD card off and opt for continuous recording as a backup to catch what beyond 12 seconds cannot and the cool down period cannot. Wow, how there still needs to be much more work and/or better more clear understanding given to users on this person detected feature. Too much digging required, making it too confusing for some users to finally figure out all the necessary toggles to get person detection to work the way it is currently intended!!!

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