Free Person Detection From Wyze

Did you try restarting the camera after updating both the firmware and the app? Meaning did you unplug the camera and plug it back in? Someone wrote about that helping an issue with person detection but not sure if that will be the case for you. It works fine for me and a friend of mine.


For notifications of events for which you shouldn’t be notified, can you check the event list and see if there’s a little person icon on the event:


If the icon is there, that will tell us that algorithm incorrectly detected a person and the system correctly generated a notification based on that. In that case, if you want, you can share the video with Wyze and report that there was no person seen in the clip. That will help Wyze further train the algorithm.

If, on the other hand, there is no person icon on the event list, then the camera did not think it detected a person and the system sent you a notification when it should not have. This would be a bug that you should report via a support ticket.

In the latter case, you might want to try power cycling the camera(s) and force restarting the app, or even uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

A couple of things to consider:

  1. Check the event list for the five minute period before you are jumping up and down in front of the camera. If there’s a motion event during that period (caused by other than your jumping), then you won’t get an event for the person jumping because it is happening within the cool down period.

  2. Per the Quick Tips, the subject should be between 2-20 feet. If you are pointing out a window, perhaps the person is too far away.

I think the issue with having events filtered before sending to the cloud is that if you have too many false-negative event (person not detected when they should be), then you won’t get any recording of those. I think perhaps Wyze would want to further refine the algorithm to make sure the false-neg rate is sufficiently low before implementing such.


This is a great start. Free AI in a small $20 camera is a huge deal. Improvements coming down the road. Great job Wyze!


Hey, everyone! I’m Shawn, one of the Wyze product manager. Yesterday, we brought the AI to Wyze Cam and we all are so excited about it. I want to say thank you to all of you. Thanks for being supportive to us, giving us feedback, and thanks for allowing us to have your back as always.

We’ve been reading the feedback and saw some raised concerns about the 5 min cooldown issue. To be frank, I share the exact the same view of the problem. I know it’s annoying to worry about the potential missing events (what we called false negatives). I know this feature is not as one would expect without more information. But allow me to explain a little bit why we shipped this version instead of a 100% independent feature.

The purpose of the function is to help you filter out the events. From the event page, you can view the events with people only. But you still have access to all the records. So, if you would like, you can view the videos as you did before. And from the notification, you can tell if the event has a person in it.

At this stage, our AI is designed to help you identify the videos you care about more efficiently. And we want to make sure we are going in the right direction for incorporating AI into Wyze products (especially since it takes time to train AI during development). However, it is not a one-time effort. We’re going to putting work on improving the product continuously to make it more useful and reliable. Person detection outside of recorded motion detection event videos will be the next fortress to take down. The most critical part during the process is for you to tell us what we did right and what needs to be improved. Let’s do this together.


Did you go to the notifications tab and set each camera up to Person? It gives three options person, motion, and sound.

Its like Autopilot with Tesla, those who don’t want/trust the function yet don’t have to use it, but the rest of us enjoy it even if its not yet at 100% and can help the company with the data to improve it for everybody else.



That’s a good explanation (better than my attempt). Thanks.

One thing that I don’t think has been addressed regarding ongoing improvement:s how to communicate to Wyze that there has been a false negative. In the case of a false positive, the user can tap the “Help us improve…Share” button and report that they didn’t see a person in the video.

But in case of a regular motion video that did contain a person, but wasn’t tagged as such, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way (other than going through the whole support ticket routine) to report this. Are there any plans to make reporting of false negative more convenient?

EDIT: My mistake… the “non-person” video I checked for the button happened to be a “Smart video alert” (eg, events triggered by Wyze Sense sensors). Those don’t have the reporting button since only regular motion videos are subject to the person tagging.

That does bring up the question: is there some reason that Smart Video Alerts cannot be run through the AI and tagged if they have a person detected? This would allow those videos to also be included in the person-filtered results.


Do you have the beta version? The beta version gives three options when clicking the “Help us improve . . . share” button. I saw a person, I didn’t see a person, and cancel.

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@xtremehumvee84… See my edit above. thx.

So yesterday I couldn’t selectively get People-only notifications. It sent me notifications for everything. I didn’t change any of the settings overnight, and today it’s just working for some reason. I’ve done numerous tests on 3 cams, and in all cases, I’m only getting notifications when there’s a person in the frame. Seems to be doing exactly what it’s supposed to. Yay!!! Great work, Wyze Team! :crazy_face:


Hey thanks a lot for the updates. I’ve been waiting for this and love it. Have been testing from yesterday and I would like to report a bug.
When I drove home into the garage, where I have a wyze cam v2, the cam will record a motion clip triggered by the car. But then it won’t notify me nor record a person detection clip when I get out of the car and walk in the garage because of the “cool down time” after the motion clip triggered by the car. I monitored this behavior again when my roommate came back and I did not get any notification either.
If you think about it, if a cam gets triggered many times by bugs, shadows, pets and whatnot, there will be many times of cool down time where it won’t detect and notify a person detection.
I don’t know how your sw works for the cool down part, if it’s a simple logic, just add a line:
if (motion detected & not person)
Not notify & cool down timer count down;
if (person detected && cool down timer >=0)
{notify & record & reset timer;}
else //do nothing;
Lol but i could be thinking too simple…

Doesn’t RTSP require a separate firmware which probably lacks the Person detection code?

@michelle… The behavior you are seeing is what is expected at this point. The person movement is being masked by the 5-minute cool down triggered after the car movement event. If you read through this post above I think you’ll see a good explanation of why it is the way it is for the time being.


That is correct. See the note here:

Thank you, that’s what I expected would be the case. Understandable the number of features available in such a small space makes it a trade off.

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I flipped on a light , Which triggered The motion detection on the camera, But my body was immediately in View but it did not show as a person This is what I expected it To do.
It didn’t show a person because it was triggered by the pixel change from the light

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Oh! Thank you for pointing it out. I did a search in the forum but didn’t find much so wanted to type it out here. That’s awesome that they’ve identified the issue! I’ll hope and wait for updates. :slight_smile: thanks!!

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In this case, I believe it should have been tagged as a person detected. It doesn’t matter what triggered the event, as long as it was a motion (pixel) detection (not sound or sensor-triggered). If there’s a person, it should detect it. You said your body was in view. Not to be silly, but did that include your head? I would not be surprised if a body without head in view would not trigger the AI to see a person.

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