Free Local Continuous Motion Capture On SD Card

The “Events” tab only saves things in 12 second increments. Request is for longer than 12 second events so they can be saved from events not manually from feed.

Thats the reason there is no subscription, the cost of the camera has factored the 12 sec clips into the up front cost

There is discussion about having longer Events captured, but that will be an extra paid for service

See the section titled SERVICES here:

I think what the OP is asking is why cant we choose continuous recording (only during motion) to be recorded to SD card. Yes there is continuous recording is one sense of the word, but that is non stop recording, motion or not.

The cost mentioned with utilizing continuous recording is for the cloud storage cost incurred by WYZE. Recording to SD card eliminates that cost. Now, if there was a lower cost for, say, utilizing the tech that continuously monitors for motion, i can understand that but i would assume that would be much lower than cloud storage option,

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You can do this if you select ‘motion only’ instead of ‘continuous’ in the SD card settings. This will record the entire motion event to the SD card.


Perhaps the OP doesn’t realize that to view the SD card recordings, you don’t look in the Events tab. Instead, you tap View Playback from the live stream view.

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Yes however that shows the entire playback from the beginning does it not?

No, when you tap View Playback, it takes you to a timeline of the SD card starting at the present. You can then scroll backward in time. If you have event-only recording on the SD card, you can use the < and > buttons to jump between events.


This is a game changer! I used to have record all on and would have to scroll to the approx time i thought it happened and go through it all manually. Huge thanks for this!

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I tried switching to event only recording on card per a suggestion. This still only results in 12 second events. If there is motion of 5 minutes I would like one 5 minutes length event to click into (as it sounds like new paid feature would do in cloud). Right now I have to go to 12 second event, realize there is more, click playback, wait for it to load at that point, wait for timeline that shows activity (recordings) to load, scrub to beginning of full event, then record a new clip of the length I want.

See thats what i had thought was the case as well. A previous poster had said that if you choose event only it will record the entire event. I have just switched back to that so havent had chance to see if it still does this. I know in the past, yes, it only records 12 seconds. Seems there are mixed opinions on this. Can anyone confirm to have working continuous recording to SD with event only recording on? and possibly post an example.

If you go to Events, you will only see 12 second clips but if you go to View Playback, you will see the entire motion event. After you click on View Playback, it can take a while for the clips to show up in the timeline and be viewable. I’m currently having a problem where when I click on View Playback, the camera will crash and go offline and I have to restart it. But once I restart it once or twice, the clips show up in View Playback and I’m able to view them. The clips record as long as there is motion.

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Agreed but that’s the problem, it’s a long process to see more than 12 seconds. If I have tons of storage and the video is saved, why not have Events (not playback that you have to scrub through) longer than 12 seconds?

That feature now exists as a subscription service. Please see this topic.

Events are stored on the cloud server. View Playback is stored on the SD card. The way I’ve been doing it is by using the Event to let me know at what time the clip I want to view took place, then going to that time location in View Playback.

Not sure if this will help you or if you’re trying to do something different.

Also, like I mentioned, View Playback isn’t working for me all that well anyway.

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This is verified i just tried it. View playback and the timeline will highlight events in green and they will last as long as there is motion. Thanks for clarifying Guitar.

More clarity on request: I want the green thing in this image without paying for Continuous Motion Capture.

I signed up for the trial to show this example. Since I have an SD card the video is on my device so I should not have to pay for cloud video hosting that I don’t need.

So what you want is the events on the SD card to show on the events tab. What they did is put in a button when you view the 12 second cloud video that will jump you directly to the point on the SD card. The events tab is for the cloud videos only, that is why the SD card videos do not show up. That button was put in because people asked for a quick way to find the locally recorded version.

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Do you know how much the subscription is to continuous motion

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