Found a simple way to stream Wyze Cam to my website via WebRTC, without transcoding

I found and installed free Unreal Media Server , created a live broadcast of type “rebroadcast live RTSP/RTMP…stream”, selected RTSP from dropdown and provided Wyze Cam RTSP URL,
(Found the RTSP URL on learncctv website).
Gave that broadcast a name (Alias). Now went to their demo page and opened this demo: Unreal Media Server WebRTC player.

Ctrl+S - saved that page on my computer. Went to line 44 and replaced “livedemocam” with that broadcast name (Alias), “” with my computer IP address, “80” with “5119” (that’s the port number, it’s 5119 by default).

Opened that webpage in Chrome and I can see my Cam streaming via WebRTC!

Unreal Media Server simply converts incoming RTSP to outcoming WebRTC, without audio or video transcoding.


Are uou using WYZE RTSP firmware or another one?

Set this up. Works great!