Formatting the SD card

How do I format my card? Is it done while in the camera or do I need to insert in

in to my PC?

Either way. It needs to formatted FAT32 in the PC. In the camera, from the live view, tap the gear icon, the Advanced Settings, then Local Storage. The option to format the card is there.

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Hi Loki, My Windows 10 PC only gives me the option of formatting in exFAT or NTFS. There is no option to format in FAT32. I know I can format in the WYZE Cam Pan itself, but I’m trying to overcome the constant restarting problem with the camera’s and they suggest formatting in the PC first then in the camera again. Should I format in the PC in exFAT then again in the camera?

You could try, but I don’t think it’s gonna work. However, I haven’t tried a card larger than the approved 32GB.

Have you tried this tool?

Official SD card formatter from the SD Card Association:

Note: If you are using a card larger than 32GB (not officially supported), you will need to use a different computer-based formatting tool because the official SD Card Association tool will not format a larger card as FAT32 as required by the Wyze Cams.


Thank you for your reply. I was able to format the cards using the camera format function itself, and although it took a couple of times to clear all the errors it finally worked. So far, so good, Nice tool you posted above!