Format option for any SD card inserted

allow any SD card to be ‘seen’ and then formatted by the camera. Not everyone has a computer available to apply the MBR, FAT32 format required.

You should be able to format any 32GB or smaller card in the camera. If you are having trouble with this, you should make a Support Request

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Well, as just tested WITH support, this does NOT currently work. Any card that is not MBR FAT32 is not recognized. Tried 16, 32, 128. Two diff cams confirmed this.

-Chad Carrington

Unfortunately without a computer I don’t know of too many devices that can add a partition table to a card.

reformatting a card on the wyzecam… problem as i see it is that there are no extra buttons on the wyzecam to signal user wants to do a format. there is a button underneath but it already has a function, expecting users to long press to format might lead to unintentional formatting.

the only safe way to do this would be for the wyzecam to talk two way with the app and do it in steps (much like the wyzecam setup) but now what you are asking for has become a much larger feature.

shouldnt your phone be able to do the format ?

WyzeCams run a custom Linux firmware, so if the “fdisk” command is available it should have no problem creating a new partition table. Right now it may only be formatting the existing partition rather than deleting and creating a new partition table.

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