SD Card (urrrrrrgh)

I can’t can’t get the dang card to format in the camera! Formatted in computer first. Tried 2 different cards. 32gb, so not oversized. Don’t get it. Everything else is Sooooo easy!


When you formatted the card using your computer, what format did you use? It should use FAT32. Does the camera return any error when attempting to format the card?

What does it do when you format the card inside the cam?

There is no such thing as a oversized microSD card, yeah, Wyze says 32GB max, but they never say why exactly, and especially for video footage, bigger cards are ALWAYS better because of the heavy write nature of recording all the time.

Use SD Memory Card Formatter | SD Association to format the cards.

I had a bad camera that did the same thing. Wyze ended up replacing it. If it’s a good quality SD card, works on a PC , and fails for multiple cards it’s probably the camera. Contact support

I bought a new MicroSD card. Do I just put it in the slot? Is it already formatted? I really can’t figure out what direction to put it in, i.e., smooth long side goes on left or right? THank you.

There is an image that shows the correct way to insert the card, but it is so small that you need a magnifying glass to decipher it.

The flat side of the microSD card goes next to the nearby screw #illbehereallweek

There is an illustration here:

It is keyed, so there is only one way it will fit. Don’t force it, that is the wrong way.

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