For cameras with SD card- no cloud storage required

I have never understood the need for cloud storage especially when using an SD card in the camera. All events have already been recorded and you provide the tools in your App to capture still pictures and video if required.

As a user, what I would like to see is the following.

  1. Alerts based on your current software configuration are fantastic, especially the zone detection. Keep these same triggers for alerts.
  2. when I receive the alert on my phone, when I click on it, instead of taking me to a cloud recording of the event, is it possible to take me directly to 5 seconds before the event started directly on the SD card of the camera?

It would eliminate the redundancy of the same video on the cloud storage and the SD card of the camera, provide instant access to the event and potentially reduce the need for subscriptions per camera.

Thank you

There are advantages and disadvantages lo each. Personally I have uSD cards in every camera and I have CamPlus unlimited so every camera has CamPlus. I use both for different purposes.

One of the biggest advantages of having recordings in the cloud is if something happens to the camera, there is at least the possibility that the video is stored elsewhere - for example, the video of the bad guy taking the camera. Conversely, having the uSD card gives storage somewhere other than the internet dependent cloud.

Let me give an example. Remember that the cameras are a brick after powerup until they are able to check n with the Wyze servers (even with a uSD card). As noted in another forum thread, I eye witnessed a freeway traffic collision yesterday. Both of my Wyze dashcams recorded the event. I wanted to pull the uSD cards out to copy the files onto a computer. I did that at work this morning. Of course that required powering down both cameras. A couple hours later I put the cameras back into my truck, but wanted to get them live before heading to an appointment. In the office I have a WiFi AP with the same SSID and PW as the IoT WiFi at home, so when I pulled out of the parking lot, I drove close enough to the office for the cameras to connect so they could chat with the servers (I hoped). 20 minutes later while waiting for my appointment, I looked for events for each of the truck cameras. The objective was to see if there were any. Since I was moving, there would be a least one event for each camera if the camera had successfully connected and checked in. Obviously the cameras were out of range while I was at my appointment, so cloud events were the only way to see if the cameras had checked in.

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Also, I believe some Wyze cameras need to upload to the cloud for the AI to determine if the motion was a Person, Pet, Vehicle etc.

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @pmbombaci! :raising_hand_man:

To get the notification, there has to be an upload to cloud storage. the server initiates the notification based on the saved upload. You can turn off all cloud uploads and not use it at all, you just won’t get any notifications.

Without CamPlus or CamPlus Lite subscriptions, AI detection is unavailable. Without CamPlus, there is no avoiding the 5m upload and notification lockout. The video will be on the SD Card, you just won’t be notified.

For me, the value of the CamPlus subscription isn’t in the storage of the video in the cloud for 14 days or even the length of the video saved. I have SD Cards in all my cams recording continuous with between 21 and 28 days of Hx. The value is in the ability to be notified of only the AI events when they happen. My cams are used as security cams. The AI notification capability without thousands of motion only notifications and no cooldown period is what motivated me to get CamPlus Unlimited.

Very well said.

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Currently you can do this by clicking the playback button under a cloud video. So if you get a notification, it takes you to the cloud event, then click playback to be taken to the SD card at the specific time

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