free cloud storage and SD card question

hi guys;

  1. when I use the sd card will the cam still upload data to the cloud such that I get both cloud and SD backup?
2. is the cloud backup quality the same as the camera settings? meaning that if the cam records hd than the cloud backup will be in the same quality?



#2: yes and same for the SD card recording. Whatever you set in the livestream (SD/HD) is what’s recorded.

#1: yes, you can get both cloud alerts and SD card recording. The cloud alerts are 12 seconds long and record no more often then every five minutes. The SD card recording can be either continuous or motion event only (in which case each 1-minute interval that has any motion is saved).

RickO - this is not the case for the WyzeCame v2.

Please initiate an RMA.

“Same issue - this is not appearing to be a good product for security reasons due to read/write latency and 5 minute increments of 12 second grabs, when writing to micro SD card.”

Rich, I’m not sure which part of the discussion you are saying is “not the case for the WyzeCam V2”. Can you clarify?

As for the RMA, you will need to visit the Support link above and generate a ticket. I’m just a volunteer moderator and my powers do not extend to RMAs.

Yes, to clarify – I cannot use the Wyzecam v2 with a microSD card in it and capture any more than 12 seconds, per grab, per every five minutes.

It is not grabbing one minute segments as advertised when storing to local microSD.

Thoughts or ideas?


Rich, I suppose you could have a defective camera. But first let’s make sure you’re looking in the right place…

Once you have the SD card installed in the camera, you should go to the Advanced (not Alerts) section of the camera settings (by tapping the gear icon). Once there, if the card is properly installed, you should see a Local Recording section. In that, choose either Continuous or Event Only recording.

Now, back in the camera Live Stream, you should see a button at the bottom “View Playback”. (Don’t tap the Notifications tab.) This is now you view what’s been recorded on the SD card. After tapping that button, you should see a timeline at the bottom that let’s you scroll back in time. There will be green shading on the timeline where there is stored video. You can use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline to zoom in for finer control.

Also, if you pull the SD card out of the camera and read it on a computer, you should see a folder for each date. Within those, a folder for each hour. And within those, a video file for each minute.

Let me know if this works. If not, then if you can post screenshots of what you’re seeing, that might help.

RickO, I am currently “recording events only”, and have the “Local recording to micro SD Card” enabled.

When I select “Continuos recording” - that works fine, but I only want to view “Recorded events only”

I am assuming I can see the “Recorded events only” via More->Album, or are you saying I actually have to remove the micro SD card to see the 1 minute segments/recordings and view on my computer?

All notifications (recordings) in attached image are 12 seconds…

Rich, you are showing the Notifications of cloud storage - NOT local recordings. The cloud storage is supposed to be 12 seconds. Follow RickO’s instructions for playback.


OK thanks, but does this mean I have to REMOVE the smart card when I want to review activity?

Absolutely not. You CAN if you want to plug the uSD card into a computer, but you can view recorded video within the app from your phone while the camera is still recording.

Read RickO’s post a couple hours ago - particularly the 3rd paragraph.


Outstanding, thanks for the clarification! This makes the product thumbs up!

Rich, just in case we’re not totally clear yet, I think I see the point of confusion. You expected to see the SD card recordings in the Album. But no, that’s not where they are. You must tap the View Playback button from the live stream. You will see green markings on the timeline were there is event video. Those can be a little hard to spot, so consider using the 12 second alert videos as a “hint” as to where on the timeline to look for motion. Use the pinch-out gesture on the timeline to expand the time scale once you get close.

Once you are playing back a (one minute) event via the View Playback timeline, tap the record button. The video you are watching will be recorded in real time, and when you tap the stop button, it will be saved to the album. That’s when the album comes into play. You can also hit the Take Photo button, which will store a still image of the playback in the album.

@K6CCC… thanks for your help clarifying my comments.