Is the cloud recording even necessary?

I am new to Wyze cam so let me know if I am off base here but…is the cloud recording necessary? I have a 3 year old Dlink 942L camera that I bought at Costco. It came with a 32gb SD card. It records all action events and the time duration is controlled by the user. I have it set to start recording 1 minute before and 1 minute after the event. It also has geo fencing that can be set for more than one area o the screen.

My current recorded video clips go back to January 2016. There is no video recorded on a cloud it is all on the SD card, there is no monthly fees. An alert tone hits my phone exactly at the moment action has been observed by the camera and it is recorded that exact moment as well. To view the events on my cell or on my Windows laptop the events are clearly identifed by time and date in small window blocks similar to how they are on Wyze cams Notifications.

If there are costs associated to Wyze to operate 12 second video notifications on the cloud, why not just skip that and go with the SD card and then users can have easy , instant access to their live view and recordings of any duration they choose. It has always worked flawlessly remotely on my cell, tablet or laptop.

Any thoughts on this?

Clouds faster, I suspect, for most users when accessing away from the wifi network that the camera is on. While notification is going out to you the images are being loaded to the cloud (data transfer in parallel, compared to SD only data transfer sequential). Once everyone is on symmetrical fiber and 5G you would be correct; then you would only be limited by the speed of your SD card and the camera server would be as fast to access as the cloud server. So for now comes down to the individual situation - some will work just fine with SD only others will not. Wyse is giving the user the choice - kudos to them.

My non-cloud video playback on my Dlinks SD card is just as fast remotely as is my Wyze cam cloud playback. I too appreciate that Wyze has gone through the expense of having both SD and cloud playback but having experienced SD card only for playback I question the added expense and usefulness of cloud 12 second playback. My cell is on 4G LTE and my laptops are connected to wifi depending on my location with them and the live stream is instant as it the motion notification and playback. The playback screen is similar to Wyze simple and clean Motion Alert and no clunky View Playback type time slider to watch a minute of SD card video.

Having a camera stolen would be a concern if mounted outdoors in an easily accessed position by criminals. However, for those of us that have their cameras in doors it’s less a concern. My cameras face outdoors through windows in discreet mountings. Additionally, my home has all windows and doors with installed alarm sensors. If any are breached a loud siren would be set off in 30 seconds unless the alarm keypad code is disarmed.

If I did have exterior cameras I would have them mounted discreetly and only accessible by a ladder. Criminals don’t carry ladders.

It’s a $20 camera. Any feature option is more than appreciated on my side. Having them not offer it would only help maybe if that significantly reduced the cost on our end which I highly doubt.