Floodlight V1 triggers with smart detection?

New to Cam Unlimited and trying to figure out if I can use it to stop my Floodlight V1 being triggered by my neighbors cat. It’s not clear from the app if this is possible.

Are there some how-to instructions somewhere for setting this sort of thing up?

If you mean it is triggering on the light, then I don’t think you can disable via Smart Detection.

It might work if you set the PIR sensor sensitivity to “Low” in Settings > Accessories > Floodlight > PIR sensor settings

You can also try ticking “Motion is detected by camera” and then untick “Motion is detected by PIR sensor”. Then afterwards go to Settings > Event Recording > Smart Detections > untick Pets. I’m not sure it will work though. Also, this method will disable the PIR sensor so it will only rely on your camera viewing angle to turn on the lights.

Thanks! That’s super-helpful @grapefruityoda.

Turns out my PIR settings were already on LOW, which is supposed to limit triggers to people, but the light still comes on when a cat goes by.

I’ll try turning off the PIR and turning camera motion detection on as you suggest.

What I find confusing is that the “Smart Detections” setting is under “Event Recording” - so it’s not clear to me if or how this is linked to the camera “Motion Detection” in the floodlight accessory section.

Unfortunately, it will be a while before I know if it works or not since I have no control over when my neighbors cat chooses to come by!

When I know, I’ll update this post in case it helps someone else.

and I’m still looking for a quick how-to guide for setting up smart detection. (eg setting up people or package delivery alerts). If there’s something out there I’d love a pointer. Thx