Floodlight turns on after rule is completed

I’ve been using the floodlights and they work great for me for the most part. However one location for the flood light is near my bedroom window. So I created a rule to turn off the flood light from bed time until my typical time to get up. However, when the rule completes its time cycle the light turns on and stays on regardless of motion and doesn’t even turn off when the sun comes up. Is there a way to setup the rule so that when the window of time for the rule is completed that the floodlights revert to their normal state of being triggered by motion and then turn off when the sun finishes coming up?

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In a Rule, when you enter both a start and a stop time, then the action you choose to start is reversed at the end time. So in your case you told the floodlight to turn off at bedtime, so it turns on when you get up.

I don’t use the floodlight, so I’m making some guesses beyond this. Maybe you or someone else can confirm what I say here. I believe the floodlight has a sensor that prevents the lights from coming on in the daytime if you don’t force it to turn on (which your rule is doing), so daytime off is covered.

Thus, I believe your rule should be “from Sundown to Bedtime, turn on the floodlight”.

Then I think the light would turn on full-time from sundown to bedtime, and come on as required afterward until the sun gets bright enough to trip the sensor that doesn’t allow daylight operation.

If you also want it to come on full-time when you get up, then you would need to enter a second rule to turn on from when you get up, to Sunrise. Warning there tho – there is a rule check that forces you to go at least 2 hours when using sunrise or sunset. In theory, that helps prevent flipping the start/end times during a portion of the year (unless you live in Alaska, lol). Or, you could just let it turn on as necessary from when you get up until sunrise. No rule needed for that, as you put it in that mode when you went to bed. :slight_smile:

You could add another rule to run in the morning to turn on the floodlight for a minute or so, the when the rule ends the light will stay off. However once it gets dark the floodlight won’t turn on automatically when motion is triggered because the floodlight is now in the off state. Unfortunately there is no way to create a rule that sets the floodlight to auto mode.This can only be done manually.

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Thank you. Seems strange that it can’t be returned to an auto-mode. At the very least if they added a power cycle option that should do it. It kind of defeats the purpose of the rule if it can’t be returned to the original state once the rule completes.

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I will give this a shot over the next couple of days. Thank you.