Floodlight Pro video length

Whats the event video length on these cameras? I have the original floodlight V3 and Floodlight Pro in front of my shop and both missed a vehicle break in that happened last weekend. The video clips were like 13sec and missed the whole thing.

That is why I have high endurance SD cards in my cameras recording continuous 24/7.

I have micro sd cards in mine too, 256gb in the pro.

So was the incident recorded on the SD, it should be there?

Is there a floodlight V3?

While viewing the event on floodlight pro, do you see the “Playback” button at the bottom? That button plays the SD card recorded version of the event. It most likely longer than 13 seconds.

Great it works, my next question is
Can I put the micro sd card that I removed after incident and watch that footage?