Floodlight Pro Hidden Controls on the Menu

I’m requesting that the floodlight (light on/off) button be moved or have the option to be ‘turned on’ (visible) so that it is on the menu when doing a live view. This is not to be confused with the flood light status indicator - whether the floodlight is on or off. That makes sense to have some kind of tiny indicator on the live feed. It would be a status, not a button. It would make more sense to have some of the ‘hidden’ camera/light features (flood light, mic, speaker) more readily available for when you need them, versus having to tap the live view and wait for the hidden buttons to appear. Sometimes I don’t get the ‘tap’ quite right and I’m tapping a few times just to get the hidden buttons to appear. Hearing a noise in the backyard late at night that doesn’t trigger the flood light to come on, for some reason, is a good example on when I would want quick manual control of that flood light. I’ve also noticed that tapping the live feed, bringing up this hidden menu darkens the live feed, making the live feed unviewable while you are pressing buttons. With the hidden buttons on the menu, or at least the option to have them on the menu, the live feed can stay visible with no interruptions because you no longer need to tap on the video feed.
For reference: This is my experience on a Pixel 6 w/ Android 14

I agree. There is a toolbar there… Use it for the buttons we use. There is plenty of real estate on the toolbar to make the buttons smaller to fit more in view. The buttons don’t need to be that big. Having a manual On\Off on the toolbar would be quite useful.

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