A simple button to leave on the flood light

Need a button to leave ON the floodlight indefinitely. We shouldn’t have to create rules and mess with sensors.

Keep it simple, we need basic functionality!
want to leave the light on when I’m outside and can’t. Contemplating removing the light just because of that.

I created shortcuts to turn the light on and off.
Here is a picture of the buttons in the app

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What happens when you click the icon on your live view to turn on the light, doesn’t that stay on forever?

Also, in the accessories settings, you can set it to “on” rather than motion.

The icon turns on the light for the set time period, which is not very useful. There should be an easy way to turn the light on or off.

For a smart light, I would not expect to have to take five steps to get to the accessories menu to turn the light on or off. And this is the same for changing brightness too. The smart light feature seems like an afterthought, with the camera being the main feature.

Are you saying you want a quick button to say “Turn on for 5 minutes”?

Does the floodlight have a manual mode?

Should I be able to just turn the floodlight ON and leave it that way until I turn it off?

There’s a little icon in the iOS app that turns the floodlight on, but it times out extremely quickly (seconds), and the light also turns off if I put my phone to sleep.

Even “dumb” floodlights usually have a switch to stay on when you need it, so I’m a little shocked that a smart floodlight can’t just be used as a regular porch light from time to time.

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I think this is a workaround that works.

THANK YOU for this!! I just installed the Floodlight and only wanted quick on/off buttons on the home screen and these do it perfectly. Cheers!

I think this thread is talking about what I want. Basically in the floodlight controls there are settings for on off and auto. I want to be able to create shortcuts/buttons to set that setting instead of the buttons you can create now which turn it on while it is in auto and it stays on unless it detects motion which then triggers the 15 sec shut off. Bottom line I want it to be in auto most of the time but I want to be able to create a “light switch” shortcut. I want it on until I say otherwise