Floodlights - Alexa

There needs to be a much simpler way to turn the flood light on and off. For example, if you were working outside and you need the light to stay on, you should be able to simply tell Alexa to turn the light on and then off when you are finished. Not everyone in my house will use the Wyze App.


Great idea, please use the #wishlist to suggest this, and make sure to vote on your own!



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This is able to work ?

So if you have your floodlight to turn on when motion is detected by the pir sensor , and you have the floodlights set to a timer , but you’re still walking about in range the floodlights will continue to stay turned on past the set timer

I’ve noticed this for quite some time , when I step out to my driveway and it gets triggered on . I’ll be in the range of my floodlight for more than the set 10 minute timer and it’ll still be on , only when I get out of range and it hasn’t detected any movement . It’ll turn off by itself …