Floodlight Camera Question

I just installed the floodlight camera and I have one problem. Everything is working great and I have no complaints.

The one problem is connecting to the camera in the app. If I want to check in on my camera at night or evening when its getting dark the flood light always comes on. There are times I would just like to check in but dont need the light to come on. I was wondering if there was a way for the light to only come on when there is motion not when i live view?

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Welcome to the forum @mooreimaging4.

I see this same behavior as well. I am not sure if this is a feature so you can see the camera more clearly at night even though the v3 has starlight or a bug.

What I have also noticed is the floodlight does not come on with each access to the camera.
For example…
I check the camera when it’s dark for the first time, the flood light comes on.
If I view the camera again after the Floodlight has gone off, The Floodlight does not come back on.
(I have my floodlight set to turn of after 15 seconds)
And I did this about 10 times…

But if I let it set for 10 minutes (this was a limited test, I could try some additional timeframes) and went back and opened that camera again and the Floodlight did not come on.

I also tested with with PIR detection only on and with Motion Detection only on and got thee same result for each setting as I was thinking maybe the PIR was triggering something. Does not appear to be the case.
I have some feelers out to see if this is operating as intended (a feature) or if this is a bug and will keep testing. If I hear something I will let you know.

Have a Good evening!

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