Floodlight detection to match v3

I have 5 floodlight cameras and was seeing the floodlights come on but the camera was not capturing events. I noticed that camera had settings to capture event by “detect sound” and “detect motion” with option to filter by PIR. The problem is the floods can be set to turn on by sunrise to sunset, motion by PIR, motion by camera and sound. There is not a matching option to turn floodlights on when motion is detected by camera and filter via PIR. This made it so that I could not check why the floodlights came on and I ended up setting both camera and floodlights to trigger on PIR only. I will also add micro SD cards to record 24/7 but it would be better to have them both trigger using the same criteria.

Not entirely sure what your wanting, but you can check both the PIR and camera motion options in the “Turn on when dark” floodlight section.

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I understand what you’re saying , I have the floodlight as well and I added the additional v3 through the back usb port

I noticed the main v3 attached to the floodlight accessory did not record when the floodlights came on , so what I did was the second v3 besides it I kept the motion notifications turned on so I could get notified of when the v3 detected the light change and could record and notify me so I could go back and review what triggered on the floodlights

As I’ve noticed that the pir sensor is very sensitive and seems to get triggered by A LOT of events . It’s bad

I really wish the AI labels would be more available so that we could get notified of a light change like what we want so we can get notified of when a light turns on/off