Flood light or light change tag

The V3 seems to be triggered by my neighbors floodlights, I don’t see this as a bad thing, but atm these clips are tagged as motion. I would like to see sudden light changes listed as their own thing, flood light, garage lights turning on and the like. Once tagging is working again, it could be handy to help refine clips.

So you would still like the pixel change from lights turning on/off to create an event but you would just like it to be tagged as a “light” instead of “motion” right? You’ve got my vote. I know some people don’t want it to create an event at all but it doesn’t seem like that’s possible since there’s been a wishlist item for that for awhile. I guess if they could tag them as “lights” then you can easily ignore them or filter them out from your events list.

Yes, in my case it indicates out of frame movement, it could be handy to sort through what clips I have to review, or share when needed… A friend that heard my feedback after my first week wants one in their garage… so I think it has some use cases.

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