Lightning motion trigger

Early morning Lightning setting off V3 motion lights trigger.

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I had an ambulance trigger and event this morning. First time that happened for me.

On a different note, what’s up with the flashing lights on the house across the street?

Cool :sunglasses: ps your lawn looks great btw lol

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The people that live across the street from me had those lights out side their garage, they were motion sensor lights that were doing the same thing and never turned off. I told them their light were driving my camera crazy and asked them if I could help the with the settings. They called an electrician and he fixed them, don’t know how?

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Oh he installed those fire looking bulbs during Halloween and never took them down!

I have the same problem with my back camera. When neighbor’s turn on lights it triggers the motion to turn on the outdoor plug which I have connected to a string of lights set to turn off after one minute. Also flying bugs set it off at night along with a spider that lives up there.