FIXED - I have one camera that keeps turning off

I have 2 cameras v2. Both cameras have bridges in them. Both have 32G SD Memory Cards. The one close (very close) to the Router WiFi source, would shut off about every hour for no apparent reason.

The 2nd camera is very far from the WiFi source and I have no problem with it, so I ruled out WiFi problems.

Tried reformating /removing the SD card. Finally I substituted a charger / power supply from an old cell phone (that I knew would handle more current)

Problem SOLVED Camera stays on.



What was the cause?

Unknown, tried a regular Samsung Cell charger, but it didn’t work, but the 2nd charger from an old Palm phone worked


Was the replaced power supply from Wyze?

Makes sense that the addition of a sense bridge draws more juice.

But mine is stable so it must be a problem unit.

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I never asked Wyze to replace the power supply, I just replaced it with an old cell phone charger. Would ask Wyze to replace the camera, but as I said in my original post, the cell phone charger fixed the problem. My other camera has a bridge also and I have no problems with it.


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Interesting. I wonder if the power supply was faulty, or if the camera is drawing more power than it should.