Fix-It Friday 4/1/22

Oh, I had motion tagging on. It helped confirm just how far outside of the detection zone the motion was!!

Do they normally occur during ‘normal business hours’, when most folks are at work? If so, perhaps they can do one of these events on a Saturday, or after 6pm PST to allow the EST folks a 9pm time?

I’d love to participate.


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It varies, but even if it is a weekday during business hours, it is not uncommon on the Reddit ones for them to allow people to start submitting questions before it even starts, and sometimes they will even come back in the evening or the next day and answer some that were asked later, but some of that depends on the person or team conducting the AMA.

Granted they can be selective about which questions to choose or not (for example if 10 people ask the same question, they might answer it once and spend the time answering a new question instead, or sometimes if it’s an AMA from one specific team and the question is about a totally different subject that they don’t even know anything about, then they might skip it), but it’s not uncommon for me to ask like 8 questions and have 5 answered, even totally unrelated questions to their team’s expertise. Like I asked the Cam Plus and AI team to make a statement about their relationship with Hualai and Xiaomi, and the AI team still answered my questions even though it was totally unrelated to their team. So they really will answer almost anything if it’s reasonable and they know something about it. I really enjoy those events and learn a lot.

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@UserCustomerGwen @WyzeJasonJ

Fix-It Friday 4/8/22 ?

I did a search and haven’t seen it posted yet.

thank you,

Hi @nixhome2020

The fix it Fridays are scheduled for the first Friday of the month.


Need to scroll up and read the 1st post of this topic you are reading:

This procedural change was stated in the 3/4/22 topic, post #19.


Well, that explains it clearly, thank you.

I didn’t realize it was just the first Friday of the month.



Thanks for the info, I didn’t see that change. Good call on changing it to a longer time frame. Perhaps they should change the name to something to reflect the procedural change. “Fix-It Monthly…on the 1st Friday”… ok… maybe not that…



I like “Git 'er done and fix it already”. :grin:


I have had notification problem since day one. So much so, I have another system now because WYZE is so unreliable. I am no interested in giving all info again to resolve my problem because I am DONE. But you may want to pay attention to the issue before others ditch the system.

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They must’ve read this… for the first time ever last night… I had a Person Detection rule run from my VDBPro!


I confirm. I just went and tested the person detection rule triggers with the VDBPro and everything is now working after our clear descriptions of the issue. It now executes and shows up in the Rules history and everything just like it should (but wasn’t doing so before).

Good job reporting this issue Earl. Another great example of something being reported in the Fix-It-Friday getting looked at and fixed even if it isn’t the #1 voted on item that receives the official public response. :slight_smile:

This is why I tell people to report things even if it’s not going to be the number 1 voted item. They have often looked at and resolved other submissions in the past too. :slight_smile:


Can confirm! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, folks!

Welcome to our Fix-It Friday follow-up! We have some progress from last week though we’re still waiting for info to chase some of these reported issues.

Here’s your weekly update:

Core - login doesn’t work on iPhone or Safari on Mac. The login link doesn’t take you to the login page

We’re still looking for information for this one! If you’re experiencing this, please post with answers for the questions below:

Could you please give us more information about this one? We informed the team about this but we’d like to know things like where you’re accessing the page from, where you are finding the login link that doesn’t take you to the login page, and where you find yourself after logging in.

If we don’t hear back on this one this week, we’ll be removing this from the update list.

Core - Volume on Wyze Cam v3 Events is extremely low

We have confirmed that Wyze Cam v3 Events do have slightly lower volume than Wyze Cam v2 in tests and we’re working on optimizations for this. Thanks again for the report! If you think that your audio is extremely different between these devices, could you please let us know what your use cases are for these? Our results indicate that they are different though pretty close so we want to make sure we don’t miss anything as we work on the improvements.

Forum - When using Wyze Sense Motion Sensor, the Wyze Sense Hub, and routines with Alexa, “clear for X time” does not execute a trigger

We’re still looking into this one! If you are affected, please follow the instructions below:

For this one, we would love to have a log and hub firmware version so we can look into it. Please recreate the issue and then send in a log that includes the date, time, and time zone of the trigger failure as well as a detailed description of your routine and which parts worked versus didn’t work. Please post the log number here when you have it so we can send it to the team!

Reddit - After a modem/router reboot, devices like Wyze Cam v3 and Wyze Video Doorbell don’t reconnect on their own for days when other devices perform as expected

We’re expecting the larger firmware redesign for Wyze Cam v3 to come out near the end of June. The fix for this issue will be part of it.

Discord - AI detection is identifying still objects in-frame when regular motion is detected

We’re going to remove this from our updates because we’re working on moving object detection but it will take a long time to get going between the design and the implementation. We want to carefully design this feature so we don’t accidentally impact users who would like to keep vehicle notifications for parked vehicles. In a future release, we’ll also be providing the option to turn on and off notifications for specific object detection like vehicles. Here’s the blurb from last week in case you missed it:

We are already working on moving object detection! But this is a very large undertaking that will take place over the coming months. We’ll provide updates when we have them. In the meantime, you may want to try using motion detection zones to narrow the detection area or turn off a specific AI detection type if you want to reduce your unwanted notifications.

Discord - Slow Alexa announcement of Person Detected from outdoor cameras

No updates for this yet! The team has been informed and we’re working on it. In the meantime, could you please tell us how long your notifications through Alexa are delayed compared to the timestamp of the Event?

Let’s Take a Look at Some Previous Submissions

Wyze Sense Hub firmware causes issues with Rules and notifications or frequent rebooting

We’re hoping to get back some Wyze Sense Hubs that are running into this issue. If you are running into frequent rebooting and are willing to send your hub back for analysis (with a replacement), please reach out to our support team and post your support ticket number here. We’re taking this seriously but need your help to fix it! We’ll keep working on things from our end.

Wizard chat ends when navigating to the main app page

We’re still aiming to test SMS support either this month or next. Our support volumes are still higher than usual so it’s possible that the mid-April timeline will slip. We’ll make sure you’re in the loop about this, though.

Wyze Plug 2021 (Certified For Humans) version going offline

We have a fix being tested in beta and we are going through the feedback. If needed, we’ll test another beta version before releasing this to the public.

And that does it for this week! Please make sure to post information about any of the entries that we’re hunting down. It really makes a difference as we chase these bugs when we have you helping out. There are cases where you’re able to recreate an issue but we have trouble doing so from our side.

Thank you for your time and have a great week! :heart:

P.S. Did you miss the emojis? Did they add something last time? Let me know or you’ll be subject to my emoji whims! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s awesome, you should include a few examples like this in some future reports of some of these non #1 voted submissions that still got fixed as a result from Fix it friday to help people know they shouldn’t be discouraged if their submission isn’t picked. Lots of other things are reviewed and fixed too even if not publicly addressed! That’s very encouraging for participation. :smiley: This is pretty awesome. Glad to get some confirmation so I feel good continuing to encourage participation on this basis. :slight_smile:


As requested:

Wyze Sense Hub
Log 538356

Wyze Sense Motion Sensor V2
Log 538351

Alexa Routine: Motion on Wyze Sense Motion Sensor V2 triggers GE Cync Smart Switch to ON

Motion detected at 8:39 pm EDT, GE Cync Smart Switch successfully triggered ON

Alexa Routine: GE Cync Smart Switch triggered OFF after 3 minutes of NO Motion on Wyze Sense Motion Sensor V2

Light remained on until manually switched off 20 minutes later.


Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:


Today Thursday, all a sudden
No thumbnail in event page but in sd card.
No notitications

Can it b fixed by Friday

When you look in your events page do you have no thumbnails at all or are you missing a few that show up on the SD card

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Missing all Events in Thumbnail Page.
Not a single notifications.

Yes, Events ( like I stand infront of camera ) can be found in SD card but not in Thumbnail page.

While typing this reply, Detection and notifications working again.

thanks letting Wyze team know. Yes, it is fixed again on Friday.:smile:

Key Question,

What had happened?
What cause the issue?
How to prevent such problem ever happen again?

If Wyze can fix this, a lot less frustration.