Firmware Updates Outdoor V2 Constantly Failing

I am at a loss here. I have had my Outdoor V2s for about 6 months or so. I am constantly fighting with firmware updates failing. I am very Tech Savvy, I have an extensive knowledge of networking. My cameras all function great, have great signal, yet even when I place the either of the 2 right next to the hard wired base station and my router, I CONSTANTLY have firmware update failures.
The only time I seem to actually be able to get lucky enough to have a firmware update complete successfully is during the wee hours of the morning with the camera as noted right next to the base station. The only thing I can conclude from this, is that it’s an issue on Wyze’s server, overload?
Maybe I am missing something? Maybe a router setting that will allow an update to happen without such issues?
I am open to any suggestions.

Am I the only one??

I would try unplugging the base station, powering off the cameras and plugging the base station back in then turning the camera back on, then use the app to see if the firmware will update. I think the outdoor cams are full of problems though and I’m surprised no one from wyze has even replied here unless I’m misunderstanding what this forum is for.

I came across similar issues but I believed it was not the camera itself but the base. I bought another v2 to try my luck. Later on I figured both v2 were good and the only issue was the internet cord failed.

Oddly enough I have done every thing possible to troubleshoot this. I never thought to swap out the RJ45 as it was brand new and the connection was stable. But I did swap it out, and just did the most recently firmware on my 3 V3 Outdoors BULK and it worked without issue. Mind you the issue was typically with the V2s so we shall see when the next firmware comes out for those.