Firmware update...No more event recording without Cam Plus?

Hi. Here’s a fun topic for you. I’m never buying your crap again. The latest firmware update basically kills the ability of the cam to record a 12 second video of the event. I bought the camera. i bought the SD card. I’m not paying you for the privelage of using the most basic feature. Goodbye Wyze

Read this:

  1. This is a user forum, wyze employees do not actively monitor this forum for complaints.

  2. The sd card recordings were not affected by the cam plus lite changes. Your SD card recordings can still be accessed how they always were: through the view playback buttons on the cloud event or live view of the camera.

The events tab has never shown sd recordings. That tab has always been strictly for the cloud recordings.

That being said, the cloud recordings of 12 second videos can be kept, free, by subscribing to cam plus lite and using the free (custom amount) option linked above by @WildBill.

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