Firmware update broken motion clips

I updated my V2 firmware to last night when prompted. Since then, my motion video is broken.

It still alerts me when there is motion but does not play the video when I click on it. It does not show me the 12 second video anymore. It would show downloading video and then nothing shows up after. Just a 0 second video which does not play at all.

Live and video play back still works. Just the 12 second motion video is broken.

I have already restarted and power cycle the cam. Did not help.

What can I do to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

Instead of a 12 second video, this is all I see: 0 second version that does not play, since I updated the firmware.


I am having the same issue since updating last night. I viewed Playback and confirmed it correctly triggered an alert, but can’t view the 12 second clip it created.

I am seeing this too. Not all clips are like this for me, but many are. I tried deleting one of these non clips, hoping it would re-download. It didn’t.

Just found solution listed below on Reddit. Worked for me…


Was having this same issue after the latest firmware update.

My Account > AppSettings > Clear Cache

Fixed the issue right away.

Clearing the cache fixed the issue.

Thank you !!

However, then I get a new alert and have to clear my cache again to see it. Not a great fix.

Same issue here, everything works except the alert videos. Did have one or two come through that worked but then returned to the issue.

I have the same issue. I get the motion detection alerts but no 12 second video when I click to see the alerts. Problem started occurring after I updated firmware. Clearing the cache does not resolve the issue. Please fix and address ASAP.

Reinstalling Wyze cam app from App Store fixed it

Same problem clearing cache didn’t fix problem

updated my ios app fixed my problem

Same firmware here, same problem. Clearing the cache did not fix the issue on my phone. The application version is 1.3.162. Is there a later version for Android? I checked in the Google “Play Store” to see if it would alert me about a newer version or an update that is available. I didn’t see anything. So, what now?

While were on the topic of the “WyzeCam” app version for Android, is the application itself self-updating or do I have to go hunt new versions down? How does it work?

EDIT: Okay, more “good” news. I uninstalled my Wyze application on my Samsung S4 Android phone and when I went to install a later version the app page says that, “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. So, now I have absolutely no software on my Android phone to even use the buggy software. What do I do now?