Firmware update broke notification motion clips

I updated the firmware to on 9/19/18 when prompted. Since then, the motion video that’s uploaded to the cloud is just blank.

It still alerts me when there is motion but does not play the video when I click on it. It shows a downloaded video with a clip of zero seconds.

Live video play back still works. Just the motion video is broken.

Power cycling the cam and clearing the cache did not work.

What can I do to fix this? Both of my cams have this issue, so it’s not an isolated incident.

@big sky men’s

Have you received resolution to your problem.

I have the exact same problem as you and there seems to be a solution to this issue yet.

I would appreciate assistance wit this matter.


im having the same problem as above… notifies me of motion but wont play anything back… file has zero time …HELP!



I created a problem ticket for this issue in addition to posting on this forum, but have not yet heard back about a fix. I’ll make sure to post an update once I hear back.

Same problem for me. Commenting to try and bring awareness to the issue. Both Wyze Cam 2 and Wyze Cam Pan having the same issue. I gen an alert, but no video plays in the app. Would like to be able to redownload clip if possible? Trying to share the video, it will not play in any media player (multiple versions tried). Notifications are one of the most important features of Wyze - needs to be addressed!

May I ask what app are you using with the new firmware? The most recent app 1.5.43 has the fix for that bug and also try clear cache in the app under App Settings.

Thank you Li. I was using IOS app version 1.3.152. I just updated to the latest v1.5.51 and cleared cache. I’m able to view motion clips now! Looks like I’m back in business.

Awesome! Good to know. :slight_smile: