Firmware rollback?

Person detection worked great on its initial release. A couple ‘improvements’ later, if I have the camera set to notify on person detection only, it ignores everything. I’ve gone back to notifications on all motion for now. But is there a way to roll the cameras back a couple firmware versions, to the point where it worked ? It was a really nice option till the upgrades ruined it.

Also, I’m not sure whether the laggy slow motion unusable live feed issue came with a firmware update or an app version… are the older versions of the app available as well ? The cameras used to work nice in live feed, but took a nosedive a couple months back.

I’ve given it some time to see if we got another release to address the issues created by the latest releases, but if the previous versions are available, it would be easier to just find and install the best versions and make a point of it not to let things update again in the future.


Before you do anything, try the new app release:


Thanks. I hadn’t noticed the app update, I’ll test it tomorrow when it’s light out.

Is there a web page with all the firmware release versions ?

Sure. Depending on what camera you have, you should be able to find them here:


Perfect. Many thanks !

Update: The new app version fixed the live viewing and playback viewing for me. I successfully installed the July firmware on the camera I have looking out the front window onto the walkway and porch, and set it back to notify on person detection only.

A quick test walking past it 10 feet away, and it correctly identified me as a person and sent a notification. I put it back in the front window, and we’ll see if it recognizes the mailman as a person and notifies tomorrow.

It will be nice to have the Wyze cam notifying my phone when UPS or Amazon drops off a valuable package again, without having to check my phone every time a squirrel runs through the yard, lol :slight_smile:

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After changing the firmware, the camera is again accurately identifying squirrels as ‘not people’ and the mailman as a person. Excellent!