Firmware updates

  1. Alert schedule support (V1.1.42 app or above required)
  2. Allowed camera to sync time with the app (fixed DST time change issue, V1.1.42 app or above required)
  3. Added troubleshooting during setup for wrong network name and WEP network
  4. Tuned down motion alert sensitivity
  5. More accurate playback availability display (V1.1.42 app or above required)
  6. Updated time verification mechanism
  7. Bug fixes

Right after doing the update my Wyze cam disconnected. I haven’t been able to reconnect since! Help!

Same issue for me!

Did you try this?

*Known issues (low probability)

If your WyzeCam does not auto reconnect back to the network after the firmware upgrade, please unplug it from the power source and then plug it back in; it should reconnect back to your network.

What os are you running?
What app version?
Did you just upgrade to Firmware

same issue. camera will not connect after firmware update

same thing for me !


I just received 3 V2 wyze cams, I updated the firmware on the first one. After the firmware update I can no longer see the video feed. It sticks on step 3 of loading. I updated the firmware when the app prompted me. The cameras that I did not update are running and are working fine.

I’m using a pixel 2 xl with Android 8.1.

Wyze app version 1.2.76