Firm wear update

So I have 2 V3 Cams , I can’t get the firm wear on one of them to update despite multiple attempts, Any ideas ???

Sometimes, I have to power cycle the camera to get the update to take. The other option is to restart the app and if it is an Android Device, do a force stop of the app.

What have you tried?

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Spamoni4 , I have tried all that you’ve mentioned , I do have an Android device , I find it odd that the one updated just fine ?

I agree, it is odd. Normally this works for me.

I will continue to try , Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Confirming that it shows that there is an update available, but will not take the update?

That is correct

If it won’t take the update try putting the firmware onto an sdcard and flashing it that way. Search Wyze support for location of firmware and instructions

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