Firestick remote control for Wyze V2 & Pan

I really want my Firestick Remote to control the cameras on callup. Can we all suggest a few things for button function and what you’d like to see?. I realize not all buttons can be used for full control like on Tablet/phone but, anything is better than static pic.
center select button would be click to zoom. Outer direction ring would be simple left,right, up. down while zoomed or regular view. Same for Pan Camera.

V2: + & - will be sound levels for events and Intercom. Same for pan Camera

V2: Play button for Speak/Intercom. Same for Pan Camera.

V2: options brings up Events

Rewind -FF select next event. Same for Pan Camera.

These minimum features would be a game changer. I’m sure that there might be a slightly better options proposed but ANYTHING is far ahead from where we are now.

Please help me help us.

I think Amazon would have to authorize that. Because it’s not a Wyze remote. Amazon would have to be involved. And who knows how eager they would be to jump on board with that. But I love the idea don’t get me wrong I think it would be awesome. I’m just not sure Amazon would think it be awesome. But You got my vote

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Maybe Amazon would be acceptable to do something of the sort. I downloaded Tiny Cam Pro on my Amazon Fire tv and it allows me to use the circle to move my cam pan remotely. I did not expect that feature to work. So maybe there is hope. yet