Any Cord Cutters ?

Like many of you I pre-ordered my WYZE. I also pre-ordered the new Channel Master Stream. It is now being shipped. It runs on Android !!! When it arrives I will install “Tiny Cam Pro” and be able to watch all of my cam feeds on my BIG screen. Will be a great work around. It will be so wonderful to be able to quickly switch to my giant view of all my WYZE CAMS !

I just ordered the channel master after reading your post. that is just what i was looking for.

I tried installing the App on Amazon Fire TV. The app really demands a touchscreen and I gave up. Feel free to try. TinyCam Monitor Pro works however and is available for anything Android. The Wyze cameras are directly supported and it fully supports the limited functionality of the streamer style remotes. You can set the number and the arrangement of the camera thumbnails. The Thumbnails are active as well. There are local and cloud video storage options as well. For an always-on device, you can enable the internal HTTP server and make the cameras available to any computer web browser.

That is a good point. My stream unit arrives tomorrow. Looking forward to giving it a try anyway.

Any update on your Stream + and TinyCam monitor pro ?