Idea for the middle section of the circle for any camera

So i had another idea for your cams and it features an option that lets you edit what to place in the middle of the circle where you go to turn the camera to look at things. I was thinking about having a feature that lets you edit what button you want to place in the center and it can be anything from the recording option to maybe a zoom option but the zoom option has two buttons to zoom in and out which having to now do it with your fingers can be tiring especially when you accidentally hit anything else on the screen. Maybe in the next pan cam you can place a light so you can maybe have an option to turn it off and on with a flick of a button from the list or maybe have it as a separate option than from the zoom option? I hope this helps you achieve your goals in creating the best camera to help users do anything they set their minds to. I love wyze cameras and when i have another idea I’ll definitely write it down.