Fire Tablet Unwanted Person Announcements (Alexa Skill)

Anyone else notice this? I have Alexa announcements for my Wyze cameras and ever since I replaced my HD8 tablet with an HD10, the Wyze person detection announcements go there, in both text and voice.

The problem? I don’t WANT them to - I use this tablet as my monitoring console for cameras. The context switch of displaying the announcements blinds the tablet from its TinyCam Pro 4-up view and takes several seconds (or more) to return there.

Worse? I can’t turn it off - even though the tablet is NOT one of the target Echo devices I have configured for each camera under Devices, Cameras, Announcement Devices.

The Wyze skill seems to believe it should include the tablet for announcements and I can’t figure out how to disabuse it of this notion. Anyone else?

P.S. I do NOT run the device in “Show Mode”.

Dont have an HD10 but do have an HD8 and have configured these settings on and off multiple times (usually during school breaks when kids are in and out more frequently) and have never run into such an issue.

The wyze skill does get wonky from time to time, and I know you know your stuff, but have you tried disabling and reenabling the skill?


No I have not (not since a month or two ago after an ill fated attempt to use routines instead of the Devices, Cameras person announcement settings) but I will try.

Question: does your tablet show as an available target under Devices, Cameras, Announcement Devices? Mine does NOT. (Which, again, makes it impossible to deselect.)


Edit: Tried disabling and reinstalling the Skill. Did a fresh “Discover”. No change. Although sometimes it takes an extra day for this sort of thing.

It does, but I bought the dock that turns the tablet into a “show” device at my discretion.

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Hmm, I don’t have a dock bit just repeated the process with the HD10 in Show Mode. Still no change. Ah well. Thanks for the input.

For sure, when I get some extra time I’ll dig around a little more, I’m really interested in the 15 inch show they have coming out to replace my old intercom system head unit. So hoping Amazon puts a little more effort into the smart home management.

I didn’t hear about that but be careful - the real Shows until now (unlike the Fire tablets) have been basically useless as Android devices.

Introducing Echo Show 15, Full HD 15.6" smart display for family organization with Alexa

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I have an HD8 which I side loaded the Google Playstore on it. No Dock, just the tablet. It does show up in my list of amazon devices and I can turn on the option to have it act as a show.

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Yes it shows as an Amazon device but does it specifically show up under Announcement Devices for each Wyze camera? That is my problem.

I took a look, @R.Good , and that new Show doesn’t sound any different than existing Shows. I don’t think you’ll be able to run the Wyze app, TinyCam, or much of anything else on it. If you’re content with native Alexa features and skills, cool.

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I just looked and as you stated, it does not show up as a valid echo device to alert on.

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Okay, thanks - so can you get it to start or stop getting Wyze person announcements? If so, how?

It’s doesn’t… and I am good with that. Lot of moving parts in my household so it will be a nice time and smart device management tool (Control Panel) with the majority of my ecosystem being Wyze and Amazon devices. I also have a large hole in my wall that has power running to it from an old intercom system. This will be a nice cover and repurpose of the power… and most likely cost effective in time… texturizing a patch is a pain :wink:

Back to your HD10. If you go into the Alexa app, then to the HD10 device under devices… there should be a Communications settings. If Enabled looks like there are more options, one being Announcements.

If you haven’t already done so, I wonder if a configuration tweak in there changes anything?
Like if communications is disabled and you turn it on, you can then disable Announcements?

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I think you’re a genius - this will probably fix it! Thank you!

Of course it will probably prevent other Alexa announcements but that’s okay as it’s right next to a real Echo anyway.

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