Wyze Doorbell and Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet Alert notification

Hello All,

I have a Wyze skill set up on my Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet and I would like a notification to pop up on the screen or the tablet to make a sound. Is there a way to make this happen using the Amazon Fire Tablet 8 HD?

You could certainly sideload the Wyze app on the tablet. I did. It works fine.

But I think you’re talking about it reacting while in “Show Mode”, acting like an Echo Show?

Yes, I want the tablet to wake up while in Show Mode.

On the Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet it doesn’t download the Wyze app, how did you get it on the tablet?

I sideloaded a Wyze APK I downloaded onto the tablet from the APKMirror web site. It’s pretty easy. There are multiple guides to sideloading online. If you work just a bit harder you can install the full Google Play Store and get whatever app you want with your regular Google account. Again, there are guides online.

However, some doorbell users might be able to help answer your original question; I cannot.

If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re wanting a notification on your fire tablet when the doorbell is pressed like it’s a echo device? If so, in the Alexa app, are you able to set the tablet as a “announcement device”? If it’s not a available option, then it probably won’t work.

In the app, I can see the announcements, but doorbell press announcement is grayed out and there is no way for me to enable it. I’ve tried going through all of the tablet settings and the Wyze setting but I can’t enable it.

I guess this is not available on the Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet

Thanks for you help,

Was your tablet in show mode when you went into the Alexa settings? I’m not sure what show mode is, I’m assuming it makes it act like a echo show?