Finally saying goodbye to Wyze

Wyze’s shift into health products baffled me. The home products weren’t perfected yet, why start splitting your time into another domain!? Perfect one thing and keep your fanbase happy before offering a $50 thermometer…


All well said. add one more from me, home assistant integration!
I have a bunch already, but kind of pause on expansion now.

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They’ve got a scale too. Not sure why they needed that…

YES! Oh man if native HA integration was there I’d be much happier, all my bridge range issues would probably be solved. I don’t know if Wyze would work over lan (the sensors anyways)
I’ve started buying more Sonoff products

You do get what you pay for, is so so true, huh?

Then what the h3ll do you think most people use them for? Sure, some people tinker with them or set them up to watch a pet,but if you look at most people buy cameras to keep an eye on property. Why even have person detection if not? The whole “Wyze cams aren’t security cams” is a lazy way for Wyze and fanboys to excuse their lack of reliability. Reliability should be a minimum requirement.


Well put! If they keep adding security features sure seems like a security camera.


I pay almost nothing for sonoff products comparatively and they have been super reliable!

Since we’re discussing the future of the company here, has everyone else watched the latest Wyze YouTube video that was posted yesterday?

Anyhow, I definitely agree that reliability of existing products, and continued support for them, is an essential foundation for any company - especially if the products ~might~ be used for family safety.


Sounds good

Hey @sodcam. What was your immediate reaction to the video? Did it change any, upon reflection?

Is anyone here any good with a timeline kinda tool?

It would be interesting to plot one’s sense of Wyze’s timeframe, versus skeptical “show me” customers’ timeframe, versus that of fanboys and customers who feel like members of Wyze’s extended “family.”

Maybe represent somehow the relative sizes of each customer group.

Good fun, yes? Get on it! :wink:

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This isn’t the airport, you don’t need to announce your departure. LOL


“Wyze”, the corporate entity, is a narcissist, it likes to be talked about.

Good or bad, it matters not. The only thing intolerable is indifference. :wink:

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LOL too many people complaining that Wyze products aren’t what they’re looking for, when Wyze states exactly what their product is. It’s not Wyze’s problem if people’s reading and comprehension skills aren’t up to snuff.

“You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

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They have “skins” for that now. Pretty convincing. :smile:

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I don’t think they’re complaining that the Wyze product isn’t what they’re looking for. I think it’s that the Wyze product isn’t performing the way Waze says that it well that’s the problem


I knew exactly what I was looking for, based on what I read about Wyze V2.

I already have reliable security cams (not Wyze) around the property and indoors.

I wanted something cheap, easy to set up, and with an app so I could quickly check where the horses [and such] are located and what they’re up to.

So yea, the Wyze stuff works like that … but what I didn’t expect is they only work about 30% of the time, and that I’d be constantly restarting the app to get a Live View to work. So, ultimately, all I’ve done is contribute to the sales figures, which is the only thing investors read.

So, I guess I’m going back to building Pi cameras.


I only want a freakin camera. I knew it was the end after the disasterous wyze sense rollout. been like watching a car accident in slow motion ever since. it will NEVER be good again until another camera model is released and then only for that camera, not earlier models.


This is really strange because I’ve had none of the issues you’re talking about. I only use a Google nest, but don’t use anything else Google. I’ve fully integrated it into my Amazon side and I’ve not looked back since. I’ve used the plugs, ir sensors, and everything else.

I also have a v2 and use the SD card. They never reboot, and I’ve had no issues with the sd cards.

As I read your reply, I’m thinking it might be an issue with your wifi network? Maybe a range thing? I know since I swapped them out with an Asus ac1900 and I’ve had no more issues at all. I had some odd issues, especially with the automation / IOOT devices.

At least it’s something to think about and or consider. It was frustrating because it took so long to identify the issue.